Poultry Farm job in Polend

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ADROS DOBRZYCA / 21 K + 9 M / Arrival on 30-05. Gathering a group from Ukraine. Documents: Bio / Visa ADROS - Poultry Farm Duties Simple work, automated products, packaging and disassembly, removal of the product from the conveyor belt, product transfer, labeling, enclosing in bags / boxes. Arrival: 05/30/2020 Required: 30 people (M 30% / W 70% / pair) City of work: Dobrzyca (between Poznan and Wroclaw) Company Address: Jesionowa 12, 63-330 Dobrzyca, Wielkopolska Documents: Bio / Visa Age: up to 55 years (senior candidates are agreed individually) Schedule: 260-280 hours per month. Shifts of 12 hours (a week a day from 06.00 to 18.00 / week a night from 18.00 to 06.00). You can work on the weekend. Sunday shift does not start at 18.00, but at 21.00. Breaks: 2 breaks per shift (20 min. + 30 min.). Temperature at the enterprise: 12 degrees. Heavy objects do not rise! Work standing. Accommodation: 3-4 people in a room are provided free of charge (couples live 2 pairs in a room, but work in different shifts, therefore they practically do not overlap). Housing in a house with a garden where you can relax. The kitchen has everything you need: pots, plates, cutlery. Transport: workers are transported free of charge to and from work by organized transport. From accommodation to the place of work 10-12 km. Work clothes: provided free of charge. Launched washing work clothes. On some processes, work in rubber boots, but on most processes in ordinary work shoes. San is required. book, payment for it by the employer. The company has a dining room where there is a refrigerator, you can warm up food. There are also vending machines with drinks and sandwiches. Corporestion biuro@logisticservice.eu VIBER +48 797625861 www.logisticservice.eu