product packaging, machine maintenance

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ROLFROZ KONIECK / arrival on 06/08/2020./ 28 people (men, women, couples). Visa only, 6 months. Departure from Ukraine 06/07/2020 PRODUKCJA SOKÓW, SAŁATEK / ROLFROZ Juice / Salad Products Duties Finished product packaging, machine maintenance Arrival: 06/08/2020 Requires: 28 people (m / f / pair) City of work: Chromowola (70 km from Bydgoszcz) Company Address: 87-702 Koneck, Chromowola Documents: priority full visa (full bio and visas from 3 months are considered individually) Age: up to 50 years Payment: 12.83 net / hour (without PPK) 12.60 net / hour (with PPK.) As for workers under the age of 26 years: 13.70 net / hour (without PPK) 13.47 net / hour (with PPK) PPK is the saving / accumulation of a small percentage of the funds to receive them upon retirement. The candidate decides whether he wants to pay a PPK fee or not). ** Schedule: 240-260 hours per month! Shifts of 12 hours (day + night) Accommodation is provided free of charge. 2 people per room (!) Living right next to work. Work clothes are provided free of charge. Medical board - does the employer, for the employee for free. Nutrition - the employer issues vegetables. Additionally - free transport to the city for shopping. Corporestion VIBER +48 797625861