Cardiologist consultant

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REQUIREMENTS:     • Must be a UK/European national.
    • Must have American Board/CCT/CCST/CSCST or equivalent.
    • Must have a minimum of 3 years of experience post Board/CCT.
    • £162,000 to £175,000 per annum tax free salary depending on experience, skills and qualifications (negotiable): in SAR could go up to 100k – 120k monthly depending on existing salary.
    • Family contract (spouse plus up to 2 children under 18 years old)
    • Furnished family accommodation provided with all basic necessities and home appliances, as per HMG’s policy.
    • Transportation - provided from and to work
    • Annual holidays - 40 calendar days
    • Working hours - 48 hours / 6 Days a week, on call as per HMGs policy
    • Professional leave - Up to 7 calendar days, after completion of 12 months of service and having a valid contract for a subsequent 12 months, as per HMG s policy.
    • Health care - Provided to employee and authorized dependent, as per HMG s policy.
    • Child education assistance - maximum for 2 children over 6 years and under 18 years, each child is entitled up to SAR 20,000 per annum as per policy, on the condition that the children must be enrolled in an accredited school in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
    • Air ticket will be provided upon completion of 12 months of service, and having a valid contract for a subsequent 12 months. The employer will provide economy class round trip air ticket, for Employee and authorized dependent.